Business Meeting Summaries


WESTAR Business Meeting Summaries

  • Summary of fall 2013 business meeting in Denver
  • Summary of spring 2013 business meeting in San Francisco
  • Summary of fall 2012 business meeting in Salt Lake City
  • Summary of spring 2012 business meeting in Seattle, WA
  • Summary of fall 2011 business meeting in Tempe, AZ
  • Summary of spring 2011 business meeting in San Francisco, CA
  • Summary of fall business meeting in Portland, OR
  • Summary of spring business meeting in Denver, CO
  • 4Summary of fall business meeting in Santa Fe, NM
      - Annotated fall 2009 business meeting agenda with links to presentations
    4Summary of spring business meeting in Incline Village, NV
      - Annotated spring 2009 business meeting agenda with links to presentations
    4Summary of fall 2008 business meeting in Seattle, WA
      - Annotated fall 2008 business meeting agenda with links to presentations
    4Summary of spring 2008 business meeting in Park City, Utah
      - Annotated spring 2008 business meeting agenda with links to presentations
    4Summary of fall 2007 business meeting in Boulder, CO
      - Annotated fall 2007 business meeting agenda with links to presentations
      - Draft summary of spring 2007 business meeting
      - WESTAR staff report
      - Mobile Sources committee report (Sig Jaunarajs,NV)
      - Planning committee report (Cheryl Heying, UT)
      - Sources committee report (Regg Olsen, UT)
      - Trends in state grants (Jerry Kurtzwig, EPA OAQPS)
      - Idaho permit streamlining project (Martin Bauer, ID)
      - Oil and Gas Activities on Public Lands (Scott Archer, BLM)
      - Oil and Gas Activities on Public Lands - supplemental information (Scott Archer, BLM)
      - Update from OAQPS (Bill Harnett EPA-OAQPS)
      - NAAQS Update (Lydia Wegman, EPA-OAQPS)
      - Four Corners Task Force (Mary Uhl, NM)
      - State Greenhouse Gas Initiatives (Jeff Gabler, WESTAR)
      - West Coast Collaborative (Kerry Drake, EPA Region 9)
      - Update on EPA Mobile Sources activities (Bill Charmley, EPA-OTAQ)
      - PM Implementation (Bill Harnett, EPA-OAQPS)
      - PM Monitoring Issues (Bruce Louks, ID)
      - PM NAAQS Course Particle Monitoring and Research (Lydia Wegman, EPA-OAQPS)
      - Draft Ambient Air Monitoring Guidance (Bruce Louks, ID)
      - EPA Air Monitoring Budget Guidance (Bruck Louks, ID)
      - State by State Status of Regional Haze SIPs (Don Arkell, WESTAR)
      - National Park Service Air Monitoring in Parks and Wilderness Areas (Chris Shaver, NPS)
    4Summary of fall 2006 business meeting
      - WESTAR staff report
      - Planning Committee report
      - Sources Committee report
      - Colorado's Mercury Program (Mark McMillan, CO)
      - Mercury Dry Deposition (Jennifer Carr, NV)
      - Western Governors Association Update (Patrick Cummins, WGA)
      - Presentation by Bill Harnett and Peter Tsirigotis (EPA-OAQPS)
      - Fire Policy Update by Peter Tsirigotis (EPA-OAQPS)
      - Presentation by Sally Shaver on Agriculture (EPA)
      - Agricultural Programs for Controlling Particulate Matter Pollution (Ira Domsky, AZ)
      - Agricultural Burn Controls in Washington State - 2006 (Stu Clark, WA)
      - Rules for the Control of Ammonia from Dairy Farms in Idaho (Martin Bauer, ID)
      - Ozone National Air Quality Standard Review (Cheryl Heying, UT)
      - WESTAR Ozone Transport Analysis (Clinton McDonald, STI)
      - FLAG Update (John Bunyak, NPS)
    4Summary of spring 2006 business meeting
      - Final agenda
      - Nevada air quality issues (Jennifer Carr, NV)
      - WESTAR staff reports (Bob Lebens, Jeff Gabler, Don Arkell)
      - Planning committee report (Cheryl Heying, UT)
      - Mobile sources committee report (Sig Jaunarajs, NV)
      - CAMR overview (Jeff Gabler)
      - OAQPS reorganization (Bill Harnett, EPA)
      - OAQPS contact list under new organization (Bill Harnett), EPA
      - WESTAR PSD recommendations (slides 1-5) Rulemaking and litigation (slides 6-7) (Bill Harnett), EPA
      - EPA exceptional events rule proposal (Bill Harnett, EPA)
      - Comparison of EPA exceptional events proposal to WESTAR recommendations (Doug Schneider, WA)
      - PM NAAQS panel overview (Bob Lebens)
        * EPA proposal (Bill Harnett, EPA)
        * Preliminary comments from WESTAR planning committee (Cheryl Heying, UT)
        * Monitoring comments (Bruce Louks, ID)
        * PSD issues in ANPR (John Coefield, MT)
        * WRAP comments (Don Arkell)
      - Arizona analysis of proposed PM standard (Ira Domsky, AZ)
      - National training strategy (Jeff Gabler)
      - Wildland fire use guide (Dennis Haddow, USFWS)
      - Wildland fire use brief (Dennis Haddow, USFWS)
    4Summary of fall 2005 business meeting
      - Agenda
      - Staff reports (WESTAR staff)
      - Summary of themes from meetings with air directors (Dan Johnson)
      - Oil and gas initiative (Mike Silverstein, CO)
      - Consumer modifications of light duty diesels (Sig Jaunarajs, NV)
      - Mercury transport, fate, and health impacts (Ellen Brown, EPA)
      - Clean air mercury rule (Peter Tsirigotis, EPA)
      - Massachusetts power plant regulations (Sharon Weber, MA)
      - The Nevada mercury control program (Colleen Cripps, NV)
      - Measuring mercury in process gas emissions (Bob Brunette, Pacific Geosciences)
      - Coarse PM: a vital policy issue for the west (Greg Schaefer, Arch Coal)
      - PM NAAQS review update (Joe Paisie, EPA)
      - PMcoarse methods update and network design (Peter Tsirigotis, EPA)
      - Impact of new PM standards in the west (Rick Sprott, UT)
      - Natural events policy (Dave McNeill, UT and Doug Schneider, WA)
      - Natural and exceptional events rule (Joe Paisie, EPA) <not available>
      - Climate change science (Jay Gulledge, Pew Center on Global Climate Change)
      - AQSSD status and update (Joe Paisie, EPA)
      - National ambient air and emissions monitoring strategies (Peter Tsirigotis, EPA)
      - WRAP update (Pat Cummins, WGA/WRAP)
      - Sources Committee report (Mike Schneider, NM)
      - Mobile Sources Committee report (Sig Jaunarajs, NV)
      - Planning Committee update (Ray Mohr, CO)
    Summary of Spring 2005 Business Meeting
       - Final agenda
       - Technical Committee report - Brock LeBaron (UT)
       - Sources Committee report - Mike Schneider (NM)
       - Planning Committee report - Alice Edwards (AK)
       - Mobile Source Committee report - Doug Decker (CO)
       - Rural ozone status report - Mary Uhl (NM)
       - Opting into CA vehicle standards - Stu Clark (WA)
       - Air Quality Management workgroup report - Margie Perkins (CO)
       - PSD reform recommendations - Colleen Cripps (NV), Terry O'Clair (ND)
       - PSD New Framework work plan - Ira Domsky (AZ)
       - NSR and Title V initiatives - Bill Harnett (EPA)
       - CAIR rule - Peter Tsirigotis (EPA)
       - Western air quality issues - Peter Tsirigotis (EPA)
       - CAMR rule - Peter Tsirigotis (EPA)
       - Arctic climate impact assess - Dr. Glenn Juday (UofA, Fairbanks) <pending resolution of copyright issues>
       - Juneau Ice Field Research - Dr. Cathy Conner (UofA, Southeast) <20MB - contact Cherie Ezell for DVD copy>
       - Glacier changes in SE Alaska - Dr. Cathy Conner (UofA, Southeast) <89MB - contact Cherie Ezell for DVD copy>
       - Washington greenhouse gas initiative - Stu Clark (WA)
       - Strategic plan presentation - WESTAR staff
        - Images from meeting in Juneau - May 10, 2005
    4Summary from Fall 2004 Business Meeting - October 21, 2004 (includes links to presentations)

    ITPID activities and priorities - Bill Harnett (ppt)

    Particulate standard review - John Vandenberg, ORD (ppt - 13MB!)

    ESD activities and priorities - Sally Shaver (ppt)

    AQSSD activities and priorities - Joe Paisie (ppt)

    Word Document: AZ Daily Air Quality Forecasting System - Ira Domsky
    Powerpoint presentation: AZ Daily Air Quality Forecasting System 

    PM2.5 Implementation - Joe Paisie (ppt)

    PSD Reform Initiative status report - Colleen Cripps (ppt)

    Visibility: section 309 lessons learned - Mary Uhl (ppt)

    Technical Coordinator report - Bob Lebens (ppt)

    WESTAR state priorities summary - Dan Olson (ppt)

    Summary and recommendations from Rural Ozone Conference -Bob Lebens 

    4Minutes from Fall 2003 Business Meeting September 17-19, 2003 

    Technical Coordinator Report - Bob Lebens, WESTAR

    PSD Boundary Area Redesignation Policy - Dave Klemp, Montana 

    PSD Increment Tracking - Dave Klemp, Montana

    Clear Skies and Other Multi-Pollutant Bills - Sam Napolitano, EPA <note: file is 4.7 MB>

    NSR Reform Update - Bill Harnett, EPA

    NSR Panel Presentations:

    Bill Harnett, EPA

    Tom Wood, Stoel Rives

    Tammy Wyles, Georgia Pacific

    Natural/Exceptional Events Policy - Dave McNeill, Utah

    Natural Events Policy status - Joe Paisie, EPA

    4Minutes from Spring 2003 Business Meeting April 9-11, 2003 
    Visibility Coordinator report - Don Arkell, WESTAR
    Planning Committee report - Bob Habeck, Montana
    PSD Workgroup report - Dave Klemp, Montana
    PSD Workgroup Redesignation Policy - Dave Klemp, Montana
    Technical Coordinator report - Bob Lebens, WESTAR
    Mobile Source Committee report - Doug Decker, Colorado
    Sources Committee report - Mike Silverstein, Colorado
    Visibility SIP Resource report - Dan Johnson, WESTAR
    Implementing PM, 8 hour Ozone, and Regional Haze - Lydia Wegman, EPA
    Air Quality Management in the West - Stu Clark and Sandra Ely*
      * Please contact Angela Tolleth for a CD copy 
    4Meeting Summary, Fall Business Meeting September 4-6, 2002  (Approved 4/9/03)
    NSR presentation - Karen Blanchard, EPA
    8 hour ozone presentation - John Silvasi, EPA (note: file is approx 1 MB)
    PM2.5 presentation - Joe Paisie, EPA (note: file is approx 2 MB)
    Implications of Court Decision - Joe Paisie, EPA
    Summary of Action Items - Dan Johnson (draft)
    4Minutes from 2002 Spring Business Meeting, Incline Village, NV (Approved 9/04/02)
    4  Minutes from 2002 Spring Business Meeting, Incline Village, NV (Approved 9/04/02)
    4 Minutes from Fall Business Meeting, Portland, September 24-26, 2001 (Approved 4/15/02)
         EPA presentation, Jack Edwardson (PowerPoint)
    New Source Review Reform presentation , Karen Blanchard (PowerPoint)
    PSD Overview presentation, Terry O'Clair (PowerPoint) 
    Status of WRAP Activities presentation, Pat Cummins (PowerPoint)
         -  308/309 Decision presentation, Ira Domsky (PowerPoint) 
    4 Minutes from Spring Business Meeting, Tucson, May 9-11, 2001 (Approved 9/18/01)
         - Regional Haze SIP Template presentation, Theresa Pella (Powerpoint)
    - Planning Committee presentation, John Bunyak (Powerpoint)
         - Technical Committee presentation, Steve Arnold (Powerpoint)
         - Sources Committee presentation, Regg Olsen (Powerpoint)
         - Strategic Planning meeting notes, LL Decker and Associates 
         - Air Quality Issues in Arizona, Ira Domsky (contact Angela to forward)
         - Diesel Retrofit Program, Gay MacGregor (contact Angela to forward)
         - Electric Power Production 101, Channele Carner (contact Angela to forward)
    4 Fall Business Meeting - 2000

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